Thursday, February 17, 2011

Maitreya and the new world religion

So, in order for what im about to say to make any sense at all, you guys need to realize something very important. The technology the government has is about 2,000 years more advanced than the technology they pretend is advanced. The 1920's-40s were considered the golden age of space exploration, many scientists were perfecting their designs for space craft. Using Magnetohydrodynamics, magnet motors, cold-fusion, and countless other exotic-propulsion systems; byt the 60s they could get to places like the moon and mars within 20 minutes. Don't believe me? Well then think before you speak. Research into the united states patent office and you'll find all kinds of technologies that I was talking about above, most of which were made from 1960-40s. You can check out if you want some detailed explanations on how stuff like that works, and how you could build one yourself. 99.9999% of all ufos we see on Earth are government made.

Anyway, I know what your thinking. "How does this have anything to do with this supposed Maitreya and this new world religion?". In case you havent, noticed 80% of the world is religious. They have "faith" in a invisible deity who chooses not to show him/herself, or only every so often. The basic premise of a religion is basic. Most are slightly edited versions of each other with positive symbolic stories that have existed for millennia. They focus on the psat, the present, and the future "revelations" that are supposed to come. Most popular religions say the same thing at the end of their book, expect you christ to return soon to save the world from chaos.

So why would people create these religions? Why would they leave people expecting something like that? Simple, control. No one group of people can control 7 billion. At any time the people could successfully hold a revolution no matter where you are, and they know this. The last thing they want is for you to gain their knowledge, because that equates to them losing the only thing holding them higher than you, knowledge.

So basically, a majority of the world right now is awaiting a christ figure to appear in the new future. Wouldn't it be super convenient if he just magically appeared in all his amazingness and solved all of our problems and wars? Enters, Maitreya. So how would they convince the majority of the world that this figure is supposedly real? Now it goes back to this gap in technology I was talking about, they have hologram technology built into satellites all over the earth. They then project images onto artificial cloud layers created realistic moving images. Research project blue beam to learn more in detail the entire plan. Using this and also created ELF and LF frequencies (what your brain creates/perceives as a thought) they will make it seem as though some deity is communicating with them. They've tested the technology before here are some videos of it in action.

notice how the media is quick to cover it and tell you that it a missile or some weird phenomenom or some shit. Also notice how share international, the company in charge of publishing information about this new "christ", days after states thats its a miracle performed by this god-like figure.

Also, notice how this company has enough money to buy ad space on CNN and other huge networks

Keep reading and stay informed everyone, we have much more power than you may think! As long as we know we are ahead of them. Keep checking back for more important things occurring here, on your planet, Earth

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


As im sure you all know (all of you being my 3 fervent subscribers which I thank greatly for coming here) 9/11 was clearly a fraud in the way that the media told us how it happened.  Seriously, how would a steel frame building collapse in 45 minutes from fire damage?  Or why is it that there was molten metal at ground zero for weeks after its collapse?  Clearly something other than a plane crashing into a building took down these two buildings that at one time were the tallest buildings in the world.

Dont believe me?  Do some research on your own time truth seekers.  Here are some videos that are very informing if you want to see some proof.

          value="config=" />   src="" flashvars="config="/> - 9/11 New 3D Analysis Video

This video shows all kinds of shots proving the video fakery created by the evening news.  After watching this video its very clear how edited all the shots are.

Wondering how they would cut steel columns?  Research thermitic reactions.

Stay tuned for more truth!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Welcome to Pokéspiracies

Hello everyone!   Thank you for visiting my blog.  You even being here shows your interest in finding the truth and forming your own opinion, and for that, I commemorate you truth seekers.

So anyway, about me I suppose.  I'm a MC on a mission, my lyrics are written to inform,  im always trying to help people.  I hope you all will appreciate what I have to share with you in our journey through physicality.  I'll always have new important things to share with you all as they happen so keep checking back because i'll have a new posts every day.  Stay informed People of Earth!!